About our Service

Supporting Women and Girls With Substance Use Disorder

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Founded by Kimberly Meehan, Support Sacks is a community-driven, volunteer-based effort to provide support and acceptance to women and girls with substance use disorder.  In 2010, a beautiful 29-year-old new mom who had been battling addiction for over ten years lost her fight.  This new mom was Kimberly's sister Michelle.  Knowing how difficult this fight can be, Kimberly wanted to be active in making a difference.  Since the American Civil War, soldiers have been carrying "rucksacks" to battle. The women and girls we are supporting, are going to battle, fighting their biggest fight.  Our Support Sacks are filled with items to help make their fight a little easier and help them feel accepted.  We carefully chose the suggested items to be placed in the Support Sacks by finding out just what these women and girls need.


"I do this for my nephew. I do this, so no child has to be without their mommy because of a substance use disorder. It is a little step, hoping to make a big impact."

Kimberly Meehan, Founder